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Creating Compelling Content

Shawn Davis Kawalya
3 min readAug 9, 2023


Today, content is king for personal brands, companies and organizations all alike. However, creating captivating content that not only creates engagement but is also informative is no easy feat for any content creator or even marketer.

We can all agree that content is a key part of any successful business marketing strategy and that said, it’s important for brands to engage their readers, build relationships with potential customers, and stand out from the hustle and bustle of competition.

So, are you trying to get your content noticed? Yes? You are in the right place — But before we dive in, it’s very important to understand and know what exactly makes content mind-blowing or compelling.

The elements that make content compelling include but are not limited to;

  • Quality of information.
  • Captivating Visuals.
  • Engaging Copy.
  • Emotional Tone
  • Personification

Now, we can dive right into it — here are some tips to guide you on your journey to creating compelling content:

Research Your Topic Thoroughly — Make sure you have researched about your topic extensively and know every nitty gritty there is to know. Remember, you can’t simplify what you don’t know.

Listen To Customer Feedback — Pay attention to customer feedback as it helps you understand what interests your viewers most and which type of solutions and content types get the most engagement.

Focus on Clarity and Readability — Use a language and tone that your customers actually relate to be it simplified vocabulary/terms or even jargon. This doesn’t only bring engagement but also keeps your customers hooked as they know you understand them properly.

Visuals Visuals Visuals — It’s true that in this fast moving World, the attention span of many people is at an all time low — so writing long witty captions and articles without visuals is a clear waste of time. More so, visuals can easily be downloaded and reshared if they are captivating enough. Invest in great graphics, awesome short videos, infographics and memes.

Know Your Audience — Knowing your audience also goes a long way in helping you create compelling content. Contrary to popular belief that a brand can have one designated audience, different platforms will require the brand to break down this audience in regards to the people on said platforms. The content you create for Twitter might differ from what will work on Facebook and Instagram content totally differs from Linkedin content.

Segment your content according to the platforms you use and diversify from there.

Follow The Band Wagon — It’s important to know what is trending at the moment and try to milk the cow until it bleeds. So, YES, follow the Band Wagon

Building a strong relationship with your customers and readers is vital for marketing success in today’s digital age which is anchored around powerful storytelling. Creating compelling content is no easy feat but if done well, you could go a long way in creating engagement, brand loyalty, leads and conversions.

Wondering how to go all about this??? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can be of support to your or your team >>



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