Google Business Messages Offers Your Customers a Chance to Chat With You When They Look For Your Business on Google Maps or Search

Shawn Davis Kawalya
3 min readApr 29, 2021

Oh hell!!! Long story title? I know — You will however love what is in stock for you, your business and your customers, so don’t worry and just read on.

For many people, all they know is to place their business on Google Maps and only respond to clients via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But did you know that with Google Business Messages, you can have a chat with a prospective client right after they search for your business on Google Maps?

In my view, Google Business Messages could be the new communication channel by Google, by far. It offers people an opportunity to chat with your business directly from google search or even google maps — awesome, innit?

According to Google My Business Messaging was launched in 2017 using SMS. This enabled customers to send an SMS that would appear on the GMB account dashboard. In March 2019, SMS messaging was removed and replaced with IM-like messaging.

Wondering if it really is worth it using Google My Business Messaging, I say it it. Remember, today Google more than 90% of the world’s search engine market share and for businesses with physical locations, which makes it a convenient way for clients to reach you.

However, Search isn’t the only reason to use Google My Business(GMB) chat feature, another reason is Maps. People use Google Maps to find the closest location of a brand. Imagine how easy it will be for them to contact you by messaging you directly from Google Maps.

Here’s how to get your business started

For starters, you’ll need a verified Google My Business Account.

Before signing up, you’ll need to download the app for iOS or Android. Then, create an account with a Gmail or Google Workplace address. Be sure to complete your GMB profile with up-to-date information like operating hours, telephone, address & website, etc.

Then, you will have to verify your account by either email or SMS.

Since Google launched Google My Business App, businesses can no longer enable or use messaging on desktop. You can only enable Google Business Messaging via Google My Business App.

To start, go to Settings > Messages. Then turn on the Messaging toggle and edit your welcome message.

Enable Messaging with GMB App instead of Google My Business Messaging Desktop

The welcome message appears automatically to any visitors who click the Message button on your Google My Business Listing. Once done, your messaging setup is complete.

Key point to note however, is that Google will deactivate any business that doesn’t respond to messages within the 24hr window.

Now that you have it, let’s rock the waves and start getting those customers in.

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