How I Was Dumped on Valentines

Shawn Davis Kawalya
4 min readSep 11, 2020

Hope you have the audacity to love yourself a little louder…

Today a friend asked me what my valentines plans are. I laughed at myself and told her maybe i will visit Auntie Prossy and eat jackfruits. I guess she wondered why i laughed . well some days like valentines remind me of bitter sweet memories that life offered me at a tender age.

Maybe am holding on too hard on the past but I rather play on the safe side of love than get hurt. My terrible valentine experience buried my expectations . If the day turns out to be my best Valentines well I will cherish it . if it doesn’t at least I didn’t make any plans for it

Every year the world celebrates love a little louder on Valentines, dinner plans are made,love is splashed all over the city and love babies are made. I still believe my lucky cousin was conceived on Valentines. She has literally brought nothing but love to my life.

Before 2013,Valentines was my day to showcase my talent. I used to help friends write love letters and of course write for my then boyfriend.

Let’s call him Zeus(not real names). Zeus wasn’t the ideal boyfriend but I loved him. I used to go on hunger strikes each time we would have tiffs. I remember my high school best friend JulianHope used to plead with me to eat food. God bless your beautiful soul. Well Julian Hope was an extra besto..Babe would cry with me each time I would be nursing a heartbreak.

My ‘cool girlfriends’ stopped strolling with me because I was dating a local guy as he was referred to by them. The man’s daily meal was lusoga and Luganda and here I was a news anchor, Writer’s Club president,Vice president Wildlife, Literature student,Head monitor. If it was back then I think I would have said I wore the ‘engule’.

Zeus was nothing close to the man I envisioned dating but there I was , smitten. My greatest mistake was wrapping my world around Zeus and letting him know that he meant the world to me.

It was no secret that I had helpers right from form one to form Five . well I was the official girl, the one who carried his cross at the white house. our administration block was referred to as the white house.

On several occasions I tried to break up with Zeus but I never succeeded . There’s a day I collected all his girls my helpers in one room and handed him over to the girls. He managed to manipulate me and I was back to girlfie duties.

Most times I had to soldier up and police around school campus while my colleagues were getting ready to sleep. well that was the time Zeus would meet his concubines .

There’s a time I had to jump over the girls wing to nab him cheating but well he was a bright chap. I never caught him red handed .

Despite all the escapades I still loved him. Scrolling through the pages of my life I can’t recall why I loved him..Maybe it was the way he used to make me laugh but never underestimate the power of moving on.

On this fateful Valentines eve, I was super excited. I was in my form six vacation . This was going to be my first Valentines out of school.

I was still in a struggling relationship with Zeus but well at that time I didn’t care how he treated me,what mattered was how he made my heart smile so I thought .

I had spent the week texting him and he wasn’t kind enough to respond, To make matters worse local chat texts ain’t like whatasp. You never have the luxury of the blueticks to show that the receipent has read the message.

On February 13 ,2013 I received a call From Zeus. I was too delighted,I vividly recall murmuring to myself,finally my days of fasting and prayers have been answered . Maybe he has realized his mistakes and now wants to compensate all his wrong doings on Valentines I lied to myself .

Well you never know when the cobweb of anguish and sadness is about to form around your heart.

Hello Rachael I think it won’t work he said. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I bit my hand to stop the sobs. Mom couldn’t see me in that state . what was I going to tell her?

I cursed Zeus . It was supposed to be my best valentines but he ruined it for me . I was just an innocent girl in love hoping for the best.

It’s been seven years but the bitter memories of that day are still vivid. I was only hoping for a daytime date at Kyoto maybe fanta. What more could a girl like me ask for?

Up to now I still dread phonecalls on Valentines eve.

Zeus shamefully called me on February 15,2013 trying to mend things . This time round he broke the camel’s back and I promised myself to move on .

Mama raised a fighter . I fought through the heartache and made it. And when I was speculating about giving up on love. Love found me.

The Writer is Racheal Kulanyi. You can get more of her works here>> Evolving

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